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About our shop

Hi! I'm Jill, owner of Barefoot Baby. This handsome boy next to me is my son Chance, and he inspired me to open this shop.

Chance is a funny, sweet, charming, smart, active 3-yr-old who also struggles with a speech delay and sensory processing. When I began educating myself on all the external factors that can contribute to and exacerbate delays or disorders in children I was completely shocked. There was so much toxicity in our home, even when I thought I was being safe. Our lifestyle has done a 360 as we have transitioned to a nontoxic household and life. It has been a slow (sometimes overwhelming, usually expensive) process. However, I have seen the results first hand that make it all worth it. Allergies are alleviated, breathing issues are no longer issues, skin is no longer irritated, focus is better, energy is up, and most of all---my son is thriving.

One of the first changes I made to our nontoxic lifestyle was trying to purchase more organic cotton clothing for my son. He is in his clothes for hours and hours each day so it seemed like a logical place to start. Did you know cotton is one of the most heavily treated and sprayed crops around the world? The EPA considers half of the pesticides used on conventional cotton carcinogenic agents. Chance has trouble detoxing, we try to do whatever we can to limit his toxic load, so you can understand why the toxicity in his clothing was concerning (to read more about why organic cotton is important read the information on my page, "why organic cotton?"). I soon realized it was not that easy to find organic cotton clothing, especially for boys, so I decided to open my own online shop! I have collaborated with other designers and created a few of my own designs to curate a collection of safe AND adorable baby and kids clothes. We love supporting handmade items and entrepreneurial moms so many of the brands we’ve selected to carry reflect that spirit.

Barefoot Baby is a one-stop shop of all the brands I have bought and loved that you can't find in your local mall or big box store. I have done the hard work for you! I have selected my personal favorites to be in my shop and have tested all of them with lots of wear and tear that comes from an active toddler! Our clothing features classic lines with modern prints and colors, made with quality materials (most organic), and always on trend.

And a percentage of EVERY purchase goes to help kids with special needs and their families. Because I know firsthand how all the doctors appointments, therapies and treatments can add up fast.

Thank you for checking us out, I hope you love what you see!


Jill (